3dsMax tools 1 [C#, mxs]

As TD of Ubisoft Milan studio, the first thing I’ve done was a system to easily deploy the scripts to all the artist team. It was a really simple system, just a network path to pick the files from and copy them to the local script folder. After the copy, the folders are scanned and a new item is added to the 3dsMax strip menu containing links to run the scripts.

Some interesting tools, among others, are:

uvTileAnimator : to preview the flipbooks (tiled framed animations) directly in the 3dsMax viewport.

splineControlledVertices : this tool let you control a sequence of vertices using a spline.

sceneNotes : to write some text notes directly in the max scene. The notes are saved in the .max scene file and loaded at startup.

faceLoopToUvStrip : this tool creates regular UV strip from a face loop.

thornAlongPath : this script creates a rose like, thorned branch with animated growth

bakeToTheBone : this script transfers the animation of a simulated/transformed sets of objects to a bone based animation system.

imageMosaic : automates the process to build an animated texture (flipbooks).